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Artist Profile: Michael ‘Myke D’ Deaton | Myke D Imagery

About: My name is Michael ‘Myke D’ Deaton. I’m a photographer. I’m an aspiring artist. I say ‘aspiring’ because I’m not quite yet where I want to ultimately be with my art. What I am is constantly evolving, growing, and thinking. I see photographs everywhere I look. Life is sometimes an ever-growing and constant series of

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Artist Profile: Jeff Pilkinton | Jeff Pilkinton Art

About: I have lived in the local Fort Wayne area my whole life. I have been doing art every since I picked up a crayon. Lately, I have been traveling the country doing Chalk Festivals. Chalk Festivals is a fantastic way for me to create. I get to work outside, inner act with the public, and meet amazing artist. I have also been doing Window Painting for local business who wants a little extra flare to their storefront windows. As far as my style goes. Well, I enjoy popular culture. I love painting portraits with acrylic. And I really enjoy working large scale like interior and exterior murals.

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Artist Profile: Francisco Reyes | Screen Printer

Local screen printer that operates a home-based shop in Fort Wayne. We can print a wide variety of goods from garments to signage materials. We can also provide help with making artwork print ready and lettering design, with a focus on graffiti and calligraphy styles.

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