About Us

Artist Supporting Artist

Fort Wayne HeART of the City is all-inclusive without a mainstream agenda. Fort Wayne HeART of the City is an initiative that collectively supports artists of all types, mediums, and skill levels in the greater Northeast Indiana area. HOTC is about local artists supporting local artists. Information on events, pow wows, and local happenings of interest to local artists and local artist advocates will be updated on the website and the HOTC social media outlets.




Fort Wayne HeART of the City makes finding art events and connecting with local artists easy. Our website compiles key information about resources like events, artists, and venues in one searchable hub that doesn’t get filtered out by social media feeds.


HOTC Board Members:

Beth Collier

(BOD Member | Artist Wrangler)

Brenna Noll

(BOD Member)

Cecilia Perez Dunifon

(BOD Member | Information Distributor)

Daniel Church

(BOD Member | Tech / Promotions)

Hali Ruisard

(BOD Member | Event Calendar)

Jose Ortiz

(BOD Member | Music)

Sierra Disch

(BOD Member | Journalism/Press)

Tricia Cavender

(BOD Member | Artist Wrangler)