Featured Artist: America Carrillo

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Featured Artist: America Carrillo

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Trubble Brewing is currently featuring the artwork of five Fort Wayne locals. On its brick wall, you will find art created by Dria Iris, Hali Ruisard, Katie Jones, Tricia Cavender, and our featured artist for this article, America Carrillo. She has a series for sale found in the center of the brick wall to the left of the front door.

America primarily focuses in visual communication, graphic design, and photography. She currently has three plexi-glassworks up aspart of a self-portrait series featuring the women from her burlesque troupe. Rather than having faces, America replaced the models’ heads with lamp shades. Lights installed behind the lampshades give the pieces an aura like a stage light on a performer. They can be found for viewing below, and are available for purchase at Trubble Brewing until the 17th of September, 2017.

This is not my first experience with America. Earlier in the year, a friend of mine recommended that I consider her work. Her website, www.artbyamerica.com allowed me to look into her portfolio. The more I ventured into her body of work, the more impressed I became. Then one day, sitting on my front porch and speaking to my roommate, a friend was walking by and called out a hello. When I looked up to return the salutation, there was America standing right beside my friend. We had been in correspondence about getting her on the walls of the Dash-In, so I knew what she looked like. Little did I know she lived two doors down from me! One of the great things about Fort Wayne is invisible proximity. There are so many talented people surrounding all of us. With communication comes discovery of each neighbor as a treasure to behold.

Recently I took over curating the art at Trubble Brewing.Since there isn’t currently a waiting list, I immediately let America know about the opening. I knew she had been featured in art shows before and that she probably had a portfolio of work from her undergraduate degree. She and four other very talented women were incredibly quick to respond to my call for their inclinations toward visual communication. She brought samples over to my house and we talked about the details from there. Since she has most of her fine art at Studio Seva right now and knew quickly which pieces she wanted to feature at Trubble.

When asked who inspires her, she told me that Michelangelo is a prominent example. She mentioned the story of the Sistine Chapel, saying,

“he was in excruciating pain from painting in such an awkward position and he was barely making any money, he almost quit when the pope struck him for taking too long. But after the pope apologized and gave him a little money he continued.”

Although she did study visual communication and graphic design at Purdue, she accredited stories like this as her training and inspiration to keep her moving forward. When she is not teaching yoga and Zumba at the YMCA, Carrillo is creating.

I was interested in finding out what it was that began her pursuit of a career in the art industry. For America, that beginning was very early in life. Originally from California, she moved to Indiana at the age of 5. Since she was 5 years old she began painting, and recalled a story of when her mother was asleep and she painted their entertainment center. Throughout high school, art was the only class she looked forward to. This led her to focus on visual communication and graphic design in college. Since then, she has had art shows at Studio Seva, the Garret Art Gallery, Trubble Brewing, and has a show on the books at the Old Crown for later this year.

She revealed to me that her goal is to continue growing in every capacity that she can. There seems to be an overarching sentiment among the creatives in FortWayne of inclusivity, and Carrillo showed she fits beautifully into that mindset when she unveiled her main goal:

“My goal,” she said, “is to remind others that we are all artists, to inspire those who feel out of touch with their authentic selves to find a creative outlet, and to use it to connect with their inner child. When I push past my own comfort zone with what I am working on, it’s to help others to the same.”

Being uncomfortable is a great channel for learning, and I too encourage everyone to remember this in our everyday lives. America said she has many ideas she is currently planning, and enjoys expanding upon her style every day depending on which medium is a leading motivator.

So, what are you waiting for? Come see her work for yourself! There will be a “Meet the Artists” night at Trubble Brewing on the 17th of August if you would like the opportunity to meet her in the flesh.

If you can’t physically make it out to Trubble Brewing, her art can be found at www.artbyamerica.com, and she is open to commission requests or future shows.

Find her on Instagram @artbyamerica2030.

Written By: Jenna Turpin


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