Artist Profile: Michael ‘Myke D’ Deaton | Myke D Imagery

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Artist Profile: Michael ‘Myke D’ Deaton | Myke D Imagery

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About: My name is Michael ‘Myke D’ Deaton. I’m a photographer. I’m an aspiring artist. I say ‘aspiring’ because I’m not quite yet where I want to ultimately be with my art. What I am is constantly evolving, growing, and thinking. I see photographs everywhere I look. Life is sometimes an ever-growing and constant series of images. Ideas can come from the most inane places, so it’s important to be ever aware of my surroundings. It could be something as simple as a shape or a color that becomes influential in creating an image. Sometimes even sounds can influence an image, or a series of images. Stories, sometimes. It’s important to me to always try and come up with a new may to photograph an object or a person. To me, there’s nothing more boring than repetition. Seeing the same thing over and over again can be ridiculously uneventful. But sometimes that’s what I’m paid to do. In those cases, I have no choice but to give the client what they want in order to pay the bills. Mind-numbing and dull sometimes, but then that’s just part of being a photographer. I love every shoot, but some less than others. The photographs in this series were an absolute blast to shoot. I get inspiration from some of the subjects I photograph and the ideas just flow. Almost effortlessly. Prior to most shoots, there’s a plan of what the end result will be. But sometimes it’s great to just wing it and use the magic of spontaneity to create something that ends up (hopefully) being really cool. Just looking at the way a model is dressed can be very influential to an entire shoot. I also love photographing bands! I do promotional and performance photography for regional bands and sometimes even national acts. I’ve shot everyone from Sevendust to Combichrist onstage. Being a musician myself, I feel I can better relate to them and anticipate their needs.

I’ve been shooting (dicking around with cameras) most of my life, but professionally (for money) for only 3-years. There are still a lot of things I want to experiment with as a photographer and my goal is to create every image I see in my head. Maybe it’s a bit of OCD, but it’s almost a compulsion sometimes.

On the technical side of things, I shoot with a cheapo Canon T3i camera. My lenses include a Canon 50mm 1.8, Tamron 90mm 2.8, and a Tamron 17-50mm 2.8. People seem to always be surprised when I tell them I use a T3i, but a camera body is much less significant than having good glass. I use Yongnuo speedlights for most of the lighting incorporated with softboxes and/or my beauty dish. Pricy equipment is cool but the most expensive camera won’t make you a good photographer. A person with no rhythm can own a million-dollar kit, but that won’t help him if he can’t keep a beat.








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